How to Have a Bad First Date

Top 5 Ways to Have a Bad First Date

Why Would You Want a Bad First Date?

Generally you don’t want to have a bad first date, but just in case you do there are 5 things you can do to be almost positive your date is going to go badly. On the other hand, should you want to have a good first date, you can simply do the opposite of these 5 things. Therfore, this list is quite helpful no matter what you’re after!

  1. Only Talk About Yourself

You should only ever talk about yourself if you want to have a bad first date. Make sure you don’t ask the man/woman you are out on a date with anything about themselves. Only talk about your interests, your job, your beliefs, and basically keep the whole focus soley upon you.

  1. Insult the Way They Look

People like to be told their outfit and jewelry look good, but if you think the person you’re out on a date with looks bad in that color or style of clothing, let them know. Tell them how terrible that necklace they got from their Grandmother is or that their cufflinks look like cheap garbage.

3.Take an Extended Restroom Break

Your date should be thankful you’re giving them the time of day. To drive that point home go to the bathroom for an extended period of time. Like, long enough they worry you maybe ditched them. You don’t have to actually use the restroom, just hang out in there and play with your phone or something if needed.

  1. Pretend You Forgot Your Wallet/Purse When the Check Comes

Should you be having dinner, drinking at a bar, or playing games at one of those axe-throwing places/grown-up arcades there will be a point when the check for the night’s activities is presented. When that happens, make sure to act surprised and declare you somehow forgot your wallet/purse. Try to act upset about it and express thanks when your date then has to pay for everything.

  1. Demand Sex at the End of the Date

They say you’re supposed to be polite and take things slow when it comes to intimacy, but screw that! You gave this person a couple hours of your time so now they essentially owe you some sex. Make it abundantly clear to them that if they don’t have sex with you, or at least make-out a little bit then the chances of another date are 0%.

Do These and Your Bad Date Will Happen For Sure

A first date is all about making a solid first impression. By doing these five things you will make an awful impression and have a bad date. Now, if you actually work at being a good listener, compliment your date’s appearance, don’t spend too much time in the restroom, offer to pay for everything, and are polite about how much intimacy they are comfortable with, you’ll actually have a good date, but just do whatever works for you!